Valencia – Nic De Foc (Night Of Fire)

This is what it has all been building up to. The final night of Las Fallas. The first event we wanted to see was the Cabalgata del Fuego (Fire Parade). It’s hard to explain, but basically the Falleras parade by followed by guys dressed in devil suits shooting spark everywhere. It is chaotic and exciting and just a little scary, especially when the fire shoots up your pant leg or falls on your head. Hopefully these photos can convey some of the madness.

Nit De Foc - 7

Nit De Foc - 8

Nit De Foc - 13

Nit De Foc - 15

Nit De Foc - 20

Nit De Foc - 5

Belize – Jay The Wedding Photographer?

As I mentioned previously, I do not see myself as a wedding photographer. I think it is a challenge I would be too fearful to face. At least currently. I dread the thought of being responsible for the photographic memory of an event so special only to find that I blew it. Aside from my general lack of photo talent, there’s potential mechanical failure or just brain fart where you shoot the whole event using the wrong ISO or something stupid. It’s not like you can just declare a wedding mulligan and shoot again.

Luis and Sarai hired a pro to shoot the wedding, as I suggested and for the reasons I stated above. This meant that I had to stay out of the pro’s way. Something the pro made VERY clear when she arrived. But it did not mean I had to stay idle. I took advantage of the time before she arrived to catch some candids and then I was up to the balcony of the villa to shoot long distance and then back down to take advantage of some of the time after the actual ceremony.

These are the results

Next – Defying certain death!

Rediscovering An Old Friend

When I first got into shooting with a digital camera, I picked up the Sony A100 and the 50mm f/1.4 lens. Due to the crop sensor on the A100, the 50mm translated to a 75mm focal length making it just a little too tight for the kind of photography I was doing so it really didn’t get all that much use. A shame, really. This lens is fast and sharp and the images were outstanding. Even so, I found myself leaning on my Sigma 30mm f/1.4 for that added wide focal range (equivalent 45mm on the cropped sensor) that allowed me to capture more of the scene I was shooting.

Now that I have upgraded to the full frame Sony A850 the Sony 50mm f/1.4 is finding its way back into rotation and I am reminded of how great this lens is.

Copenhagen Day 1 Part 2

We did walk around and shot some nighttime photos before resigning ourselves to our travel exhaustion. This building is across the street from us. I love the Carlsberg slogan “Probably the best beer in town”

Tivoli Gardens are interesting. We’ll actually go inside one night while we’re here to shoot some more photos

Still deciding if we want to go on the giant Ferris wheel nearby

All shot handheld. Click any image to see larger version.

For The Love Of Prime

A few shots from Thursday night. I took with me my new flash, my Sony 50mm and my Sony 16mm fisheye.

The 50mm has not been seeing a lot of use lately. I favor the Sigma 30mm for a bit wider angle. I forget how glorious this lens can be. Handheld, no flash portrait of Craig Kinsey of the Sideshow Tramps.

View On Black

Only now beginning to play with the fisheye. Of course, on a cropped sensor camera like mine, the fishseye does not give you the full 180° field of view. It actually comes out to 120°. You need a full frame camera like the Alpha 900 (which I am successfully resisting at this time) to get the full effect. Still, interesting. Wireless flash on the floor to my left. Check out the shadows!

View On Black

This was shot at point blank range of a very three dimensional art piece by Nicole Nasso hanging at The Upstairs Gallery.

Check out the detail when you View On Black

What really strikes me about the fisheye is the color reproduction and the spectacular sharpness and depth of field.

I’ve a lot to learn about he fisheye and the flash.