My name is Jay Lee and I am a lifelong native of Houston, TX. I share my life with the lovely and talented Cynthia, and a loony yet surprisingly clever African Gray parrot named Dooley.

By day I am a mild-mannered grumpy IT guy working for a local university. I dispense computer solutions to my colleagues in exchange for a meager salary, adequate health benefits and a few weeks of vacation time a year.

In my spare time I write a computer Q&A for the Houston Chronicle. It is updated fairly regularly and the best questions are culled for print in the Tuesday business section.

I am also the creator and host of Technology Bytes Radio which ended its run on March 1, 2017 after 22 years.

You can listen to previous podcasts via

Though we rarely play live much any more, I am also the guitar player for the Flying Fish Sailors.

And lastly I do fancy myself a bit of an amateur photographer. All of my photos posted here are created by me and may not be used without permission. If you see a photo you’d like to have, contact me! I am sure we can work something out.

I also like to travel…A LOT
Places I’ve been include:

2019 – Banff and Jasper
2018 – Drive Around Norway
2017 – Christmas In Montreal and Quebec
2017 – Return To Iceland
2016 – Newfoundland and Nova Scotia
2015 – Drive Across New Zealand
2014 – Christmas And New Years In London
2014 – Driving Tour All The Way Around Iceland
2013 – Drive Across Ireland
2013 – Madrid and Valencia
2012 – Venice, Florence and Rome
2012 – Christmas in Salzburg and Munich
2011 – Barcelona and Valencia
2010 – Vienna and Prague
2009 – Copenhagen
2009 – Valencia Spain (Las Fallas)
2008 – Belgium (Brussels and Bruges)
2007 – 30 Days In Spain
2007 – Galway Ireland – Traveling for business sans Cynthia
2005 – Trek across Europe
2003 – Drive across the U.K.

If you have something to say to me or want to ask a question, email me baldheretic at gmail dot com