A few shots from Thursday night. I took with me my new flash, my Sony 50mm and my Sony 16mm fisheye.

The 50mm has not been seeing a lot of use lately. I favor the Sigma 30mm for a bit wider angle. I forget how glorious this lens can be. Handheld, no flash portrait of Craig Kinsey of the Sideshow Tramps.

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Only now beginning to play with the fisheye. Of course, on a cropped sensor camera like mine, the fishseye does not give you the full 180° field of view. It actually comes out to 120°. You need a full frame camera like the Alpha 900 (which I am successfully resisting at this time) to get the full effect. Still, interesting. Wireless flash on the floor to my left. Check out the shadows!

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This was shot at point blank range of a very three dimensional art piece by Nicole Nasso hanging at The Upstairs Gallery.

Check out the detail when you View On Black

What really strikes me about the fisheye is the color reproduction and the spectacular sharpness and depth of field.

I’ve a lot to learn about he fisheye and the flash.

For The Love Of Prime

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