This past Wednesday, Dwight Silverman came to the radio show packing one of the new T-Mobile Dash smart phones. It’s a slick little device. Lightweight, slim, nice big display. It features a built-in QWERTY Keypad, Stereo Bluetooth® wireless technology, a 1.3 Megapixel camera and best of all, built in Wi-Fi. Running Windows Mobile this means you can get online at any Wi-Fi hot spot and browse the web as well as instant message and send and receive e-mail without optioning up for the additional data service plan.

It was love at first sight.

As it happens, I am a T-Mobile customer and my current phone was starting to show signs of dying the death so I called T-Mobile customer care and was pleased to discover that I was eligible for a discounted upgrade. The discounted price minus the instant and mail-in rebates made it a VERY sweet deal.

The phone arrived yesterday and today I am fully operational on the new digitalia.

The built in Wi-Fi totally rocks!

Cynthia and I have begun planning and saving for our trip this year. Our plan is to go to Spain in the fall for about a month.

The last two trips I have taken a digital camera and Cynthia has brought along her trusty Pentax film camera. As we have been planning this trip Cynthia expressed an interest in converting to digital photography. I pointed out that this could be a very good way of cutting some costs, seeing as how she would not have to buy a ton of film and pay to have it all processed. As we discussed it further she became more and more sold on the idea of getting a new digital camera.

Since she already had a Pentax and a few lenses it made sense to go with a Pentax digital SLR. Perfect timing, too, since Pentax just released the K10D.

Cynthia and I have been discussing this since before Xmas and today was the day. We went this afternnoon to the camera store and picked one up.

The K10D is an awesome piece of photographic technology. It’s very similar to my Sony Alpha 100 in that it has the built in image stabilization as well as the anti-dust technology. It goes a bit further in that it is weather sealed and sports a handful of additional features that my camera lacks.

I wouldn’t say it’s a “better” camera than mine, but I must confess a certain amount of techno-envy since it’s a newer piece of technology and my camera was released a few months ago making it a relative antique in comparison.

I comfort myself by remembering the “what’s yours is mine. what’s mine is yours” agreement we have as a long term couple.

A great geek gadget weekend for us. Cynthia has a real twinkle in her eye as she is reading up on her camera. I am excited about getting to share my passion for photography with her as I am sure this new camera will inspire her to get out and take more pictures.

Weekend of geekin’
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3 thoughts on “Weekend of geekin’

  • January 21, 2007 at 12:13 pm

    Spain! Okay, you have to see the reliquary in Madrid, any significant part of the Basque country, and the Alhambra if you have other reasons to go south. Oh, and La Linea/Gibraltar! There’s your reason to get out of the north. Must see!

    Now I’m all pre-excited about the double crop of photos coming – the new camera looks dead sexy.

  • January 25, 2007 at 8:17 am

    I went and ordered one. Your stamp of approval was just the nudge I needed 🙂 I’m so excited!

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