Any Excuse To Wear A Costume…

Our good friends Barrett and Amanda got married on Friday and the reception was at The Majestic Metro, a renovated old theater from a bygone era.

On the wedding announcement they indicated that the reception was going to be done in a Hollywood glamor theme from the 50’s and costumes were encouraged. We love to play dress up so Cynthia put together a 50’s style dress and went as Joan Crawford

and I went as a sleazy member of the paparazzi

Houston Press Music Awards 2008 – The Results

After receiving 2 e-mails and one phone call from the folks at The Houston Press that indicated they would REALLY like to see us at the award ceremony on Wednesday I had a strong suspicion that my band may have actually won this year.

At the risk of fatal disappointment, I asked my co-hosts on Technology Bytes to cover for me while I attended the award ceremony just to be on the safe side

There was a lot of buzz about The Tontons who were nominated for Best New Act. They even performed during one of the intermissions.

The Tontons did, in fact, win Best New Act

some of the other winners that evening:

Best Neo-Folk: Sideshow Tramps
Best Miscellaneous Instrument: Geoffrey Muller (Sideshow Tramps, Umbrella Man, Pistoleros de Tejas)

Best Bassist: Nick Gaitan (Umbrella Man, Billy Joe Shaver)

Best Punk: Los Skarnales
Best Rock en Espanol: Los Skarnales
Best Male Vocalist: Felipe Galvan (Los Skarnales)

And did I make the right choice abandoning my cohorts to attend the ceremony?

I can has Houston Press Music Award!

Unfortunately my bandmates could not attend the event so I celebrated for the five of us.

The complete winner’s list can be found here.

The rest of the pics are in the 2008 Houston Press Music Awards Gallery.