New Quilt

Cynthia has completed her latest quilt. It’s called “Jay’s Shirts Travel The World.”

During the course of creating my many custom shirts, Cynthia has ended up with a lot of unusual scraps of fabric. One of her goals is to make a quilt for each room and she created this one to hang in the laundry room. Each panel represents one of the shirts she has made for me placed in a situation that is in some kind of contast to the theme of the shirt.

Click on any of the panels below to see an enlargement

There are only 12 shirts represented, but my collection is well over 30 at this point.

Here are some additional detail shots to show the stitching and the buttons that were added to each panel

Photographing this quilt was a great opportunity to use the new flash unit.

What’s for dinner?

Cynthia has been working steady the last 6 months or so on her latest quilt entitled “What’s for dinner?” She first envisioned the idea over a year ago and began to collect various fabric swatches with prints featuring edible items.She completed it today

In the above picture Cynthia is standing on a small step stool so the quilt doesn’t touch the ground.

The individual blocks are pretty neat. There’s picnic ants on a raiding party, all manner of deserts along with fruits, vegetables and even my favorite, sushi! There’s even one small swatch of some laughing mice which amuses Cynthia
to no end…

You can click on any of the blocks in the table below to see a larger, more detailed view.

The reason this quilt took so long to complete is that all of the quilting (including the stipple quilting) was done completely by hand.

Click for full size

Click for full size

Click for full size

It was intended to be hung in the kitchen but now that it’s complete and we’ve had a chance to think about it we plan to hang it in the breakfast room.

Cynthia was glad to finally complete this and as exhausting and tedious as it was toward the end, she’s already started work on the next quilt…

Say I’m the only bee in your bonnet

For the last several months Cynthia has been working on a quilt as a Christmas present for her mother. It was originally going to be a green and white traditional birdhouse style quilt.

Before Cynthia got started on it we went to the Gee’s Bend show and it inspired her to do something a little less conventional.

Cynthia decided to design her own non-traditional pattern and ended with this spectacular original creation:

click image for larger view

The pieces are all machine sewn together, but all of the quilting is meticulously and painstakingly done by hand. All in all it took Cynthia about 4 1/2 months to complete this project.

We shipped it last week and Cynthia’s mother received it on Friday.
She was very excited and says she loves it!