Another art car weekend has come and gone.
While I did not participate in all of the weekend activities I did take time to go to the Art Car Ball which is one of the most unusual parties of the year.

It’s a celebration of the artists and their works. This year’s theme was Ole Time Revival. The theme tends to be more of a suggestion than anything else. Some people participate but for the most part people just do what they want. Seeing Tom dressed as a TV minister, complete with TV, was probably my favorite.

The music was not so great this year but I did have the opportunity to catch up with some old friends and the weather was spectacular for being outside with the cars.

Fire Flaming Zebras Dragon Car Ice Chainsaw

Art Car Ball 2006
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One thought on “Art Car Ball 2006

  • May 15, 2006 at 8:06 am

    The music was not so great? Bah. I liked a lot of the music this year, better than last year.. Aside from PJ Flowers I can’t even recall who played last year. This year was more rockabilly oriented which in an odd way fit the theme pretty well. (would have been better if they had Rev Horton Heat for that “old revival” theme) Flametrick Subs surprised me and I really liked their set. Poor Dumb Bastards.. well I like em but I’ll admit some folks might not like their show but for punk you can’t say they suck. They can at least play which beats out most “punk” bands.
    And Boxcar Satan I thought was pretty cool too. I missed Flaming Hellcats since I was outside at the time but they aren’t bad from the times I’ve seen them. And Rev Butter, well whether you like the music or not the chainsaw ice sculpting during the set at leasts keeps it interesting. So overall I can’t agree that the music was “not so great” this year. It may not have been to some personal tastes but the bands themselves were just fine, I thought.

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