So far today I have been focusing on the CES event and getting down to what I came here for…learning more about emerging technologies and new products from the software company you love to hate, Microsoft.

Thanks to my editor and colleague at the Houston Chronicle, Dwight Silverman, I had the chance to attend some very “one-on-one” press interviews regarding XBox 360 and the upcoming Windows Vista operating system.

Let me say that I am not a huge console game fan. Never had a Play Station, Gameboy or anything like that. But after what I saw today I could totally see myself with the XBox. It is a fine machine and the advances are quite astounding. I got to see a preview for the upcoming game Dead Rising. The concept of this game is quite simple but beautifully rendered. You must fight your way through a shopping mall full of zombies. It’s quite addictive and very “B” movie.

Windows Vista is going to be very slick and is slated for release around the holidays this year. The new parental controls and media features go way beyond anything we’ve seen previously. I hope to acquire a pre-release beta in the coming weeks.

CES is an amazing event. The scope and scale of what is happening here is almost impossible to convey in words. Even pictures can’t capture the sheer enormity of this event. I am digging it and am very glad I came.

Now it’s back to the hotel for a much needed nappy-nap.
When I wake up me and my camera are going to the strip.

Vegas – Day 2
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  • January 6, 2006 at 10:01 pm

    Don’t forget to either charge your camera’s battery or have extras on hand! More photos!!

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