Got into Vegas without a hitch. The line to get a cab was pretty amazing. I had to stand in a line to get in the line to wait for a cab. All in all it took about an hour and 20 to get moving. This is the biggest convention Vegas has, bringing in about 150,000 people.

An interesting aside, there is an adult entertainment convention going on this week as well. So basically the ratio is nerd, nerd, nerd, porn star, nerd. iPorn, if you will. It’s an odd juxtaposition to be sure.

I got to the hotel and checked in. I am staying at the Four Queens in downtown. It is the old, original Las Vegas…not as glamorous as the strip by a long shot but interesting.

I am reminded of the Simpson’s episode “Attack of the 50 Foot Eyesores”…

I made it to the convention center and there are many, many wonderful things and I want them all.
I will go back tomorrow and look a bit longer. It was getting late and I had things to tend to.

I headed over to the Venetian to catch the Blue Man Group.
Words simply cannot describe this show. It was unbelievable and put me in a VERY good mood.
It was sonically and visually magnificent. It was also rather thought provoking and to top it off, it was hilarious. I don’t recall the last time I laughed so hard and so enthusiastically.

I am at the Krispy Kreme which offers free wi-fi with a cup of coffee and I am watching the Fremont Experience.
Right now I am under attack by aliens from Area 51….nice.

I need to get some sleep…tomorrow is going to be a long day.

Vegas – Day 1
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