Solace in the Solstice

Last night’s radio show was a blast!
It was the annual “before xmas” show and we usually cut loose and have some fun.

Our annual tradition is to play this version of Oh Holy Night. Seriously, download it and listen all the way through. You will not be disappointed. It’s even better if you can listen to it with a group of friends.

We added some 8-bit Christmas music into the mix this year. This is a cool thing where artists are taking chips from various video games and using the sounds as the sound palette for the music they create. Check out this 8 bit version of Let It Snow performed by Bit Shifter using a GameBoy sound chip that we found.

The 8 bit music scene is worth checking out. A good web site is 8 Bit Peoples and features many free downloads.

During the show we were joined by a listener bearing gifts.
In his possession was a USB Missle Launcher from Marks and Spencer.

This clever little desktop accessory connects to your PC and uses a control panel you access with your mouse to elevate, lower, rotate and FIRE three nerf-style missles. I am now using it to ward off co-workers who creep up behind me to interrupt my day with computer questions.

An added bonus for the evening arrived in the form of Carl and Suzanne, my friends from Amsterdam who are holidaying in the US. They hung out for an hour of the show before having to run off and get some rest.

A very fun night and a great kick off to the upcoming holiday weekend.

This Friday is the Fish Show. If you’re in town you should come by. It should be a real hoot.

Santa conquers the Martians

snagged from Bad Movie Planet

And on the Plains of Cyrus Bentok, Santa, the Claus, known as Kringle to the Kelts, Uberelf to the Goths and The Red to those from across the sea, astride his chariot — drawn by eight stout reindeer (the ninth, Rudolph the second, son of Donner, fell at the Battle of the Firfwood Tyne, struck down by an enemy sniper) — road out in front of his warrior elves, the Elfenhard. The toy makers have beaten their toy tools into swords to help repel the invasion from the Red Planet Mars.

Across the way, of the field of battle to come, the Martian legions awaited — the sun glinting off the shiny plastic barrels of their deadly Wham-O Air Blaster Freeze Guns — primed and at the ready.

The Claus turned his battle sleigh and rode up and down the front of his lines. No words need be spoken. A chorus of cheers erupted, as he rode passed, and the elves beat their shields, with their sword butts, in a strong cadence. The Claus swung the chariot back until he reached the center of his lines and dismounted. He went from beast to beast along the hitch, calling them all by name, and when he reached the front, he whispered into the lead creature’s ear. Dasher, the swift, snorted his dismay but a stern look from his master made him lower his head. Dasher looked to the right to his partner Dancer, the not so swift, and they slowly led the others back through the lines.

The elves parted, like a green wave, allowing the creatures to retreat to the rear and another cheer erupted as the noble beasts moved to safer ground. Soon they were gone and the assembled mass turned back to The Claus — but the cheer only grew louder. No semblance of the Jolly Old Elf of old remained. In its place stood a pillar of stone resolve, hell bent on removing the Martian scourge from the universe.

With the raising of one, red mittened hand, The Claus silenced his army. It became so quiet you could hear his Red Banner flapping in the wind. After several pregnant moments, he spoke. He ordered Winky, son of Stanky of the Frupping-Dell elves, to have the archers stand at the ready.

The Claus then removed his hat and his long, white locks dropped low and sifted in the wind. He drew a long saber, from inside his magical toy sack, and drove the blade through the hat and began to swing it over his head. A low, guttural, growl slowly crescendoed and it wasn’t long until his entire army was warped into a blood-rage frenzy.

“They will write songs of what we do today.” He roared.

“Remember the North Pole!” then he turned and led the charge towards his destiny…

Merry Ho Ho Ho!

You gotta give Dune TX credit, they made the Big Top very festive during their 6th Annual dunetXMAS Freakout show on Saturday night.

At the homestead Cynthia is baking cookies and the house is smelling like the holidays.
We had Jim over for dinner and dominoes on Sunday and gave him an early xmas gift.

It’s a Tracker IV metal detector. Jim has been enjoying finding coins lately.
Just pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters here and there. Figured he could use the assistance.
I got one for me, too.
Now we’re going to be those old guys you see walking down the beach our out at the park in the cold, scanning for treasure.

We’re gonna be rich I tells ya! Rich beyond our wildest dreams!