Studio Work

I was contacted recently by my friend, Henry Davis, the brilliant graphic artist about a project. He’d been retained by Allen “King Of The Oldies” Hill to produce a holiday card for Allen Hill Entertainment and he needed a photographer to assist in the project. Apparently he couldn’t find one, so he came to me.

Allen wanted a card that depicted himself ice skating on the reflection pool in front of Houston City Hall.

Since it rarely gets below freezing in these parts, much less does it ever snow, this was going to be a studio project combined with digital chicanery. We arranged to meet up at the Houston Chronicle to “borrow” their photography studio and staged what we needed and Henry did the rest in Photoshop.

It was my first time in a studio with the new flash. I think it came out pretty well.

Tis The Season

The weekend after Turkey Day kicks off the yuletide season here at Casa Heretic. Cynthia’s the driving force behind all the cheer that’s on display in our home.

Cynthia has a large and varied collection of mouse ornaments that adorn what used to be our only Xmas tree.

A few years ago Cynthia started a smaller, giraffe themed tree for the giraffe room.

Last year, when Cynthia received the 12 Giraffes Of Christmas it was obvious we were going to be needing a bigger tree.

We went out and purchased a 7′ tree and some plain, gold and brown ornaments after Xmas last year and Cynthia fashioned her own decorations to flush out the collection.

Now, we are a two full-sized tree family.

That’s got to be the BEST (and possibly only) giraffe themed tree on the planet!