Part II of our tale pics up where Part I leaves off. Our hero has acquired the much sought after Sony SAL70300G 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 SSM ED G-Series Compact Super Telephoto Zoom Lens and being the careful and thoughtful lens owner who learned a valuable lesson two years ago about such things, procedes to go to the camera store to acquire a UV filter.

You might think I could go the camera store after buying a nice lens and manage to walk out with what I went there for and nothing else. If only that were true.

I love the Camera Exchange. Not because they’re the cheapest or the most convenient or anything pedestrian such as that. I love it because you walk in and you’re surrounded by camera equipment and photographers of all stripes. I also hate it for this very same reason.

While we were standing at the back counter talking to our favorite sales guy, Charlie, the discussion turned to macro photography and macro lenses. It was an innocent enough conversation until I asked Charlie if he happened to have the Sony SAL100M28 100 mm F/2.8 Macro that I could “look at” …

They had one but another customer was looking at it. As it happened he had just decided NOT to buy it so it was immediately available for my inspection.

The odd thing was that Cynthia became very interested in the concept of macro photography. She thought the whole idea was pretty cool and was especially fascinated by this picture of her own eyeball.

If you click through to the larger image you can actually see her eyelid being reflected in the eyeball. This was just an off the cuff shot with the lens connected to my camera.

Of course any sales person in the world worth his salt knows that half the battle of selling something is just getting it into the hands of the potential buyer. Here I am with a fantastic macro lens connected to my camera so heck, it’s practically mine already. Cynthia’s encouragement and my own lack of willpower and *mumbledy* dollars later, I now own another fine specimen from the Sony lens line-up.

Again, still need to play with it but the initial indications are that this lens is every bit as good as the reviews are saying.

Poor Dooley was my test subject this weekend.

A few more samples in this Flickr gallery

A Tale Of Two Lenses – Part II
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