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It was with great anticipation that I headed off to shoot Fun Fun Fun Fest (my first music festival) this weekend. I could only take in one day of the two day festival as I needed to get back home on Sunday.

I arrived in Austin around noon and checked into my hotel and headed off to Waterloo Park to pick up my press credentials. The weather was fantastic and the crowd was very diverse and pleasant.

The festival organizers did a great job with the hospitality/media area. Comfy couches and chairs with workstations for getting online and chargers for personal electronics. Also food and drink. Top notch, all the way.

The various acts were available throughout the day for interviews and photos

The park was very dry and all the pedestrian traffic was kicking up a pretty hefty cloud of dust that was growing thicker and thicker as time went on. Unfortunately, this took a hefty toll on my ability to breath and by 6:00pm I began to crater and headed back to the hotel.

This meant missing The Dead Milkmen and a few other shows I wanted to catch.

What did get to see, I enjoyed.

Maybe next year I’ll take my portable respirator.

Fun Fun Fun Fest
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