My passion (photographically) is low light and available light photography. I love my lenses wide and fast and when that’s not suitable I mount the camera on tripod and shoot extended exposures.

Cynthia has recently shown an interest in this type of photography and I’ve been showing her what I know. We bought her a nice tripod and a 35mm f/2.0 lens and setup in front after dark in of the house to shoot the front door since it has leaded glass and has interesting light properties. She caught on pretty quick.

I suggested we try some new scenery and on Saturday night, after our customary Italian dinner, we proceeded on to Discovery Green to engage in some after dark shutter shenanigans.

We had a good time and Cynthia made several breakthroughs in her understanding of low-light photography. She doesn’t want to publish anything to the web yet, but I am going to share with you a shot she took that night…

The interesting thing about this photo to me is the fact that it’s an extended exposure of me taking an extended exposure shot of something else. Cynthia figured out that she could catch me holding still right after I triggered my shot, allowing her to capture me clearly at 1/2 second exposure and no flash. Good job Cynthia!

Tripping The Low-Light Fandango
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