Dweezil Zappa is returning to Houston for another show. This is VERY exciting as I thought the last show was incredible and that it was also a one time deal.

They’re back at Verizon Wireless Theatre again. Show date is Nov 12 and tickets are on sale at Ticketmaster.

There’s a tour blog at the official site which can be found here and you can see the musician lineup here.

In reading the ZPZ official site I learned that Dweezil has released a new album called Go With What You Know which features a guitar duet with his father where Dweezil actually plays along with Frank’s guitar solo from the original ‘Hot Rats’ master tapes. That sounds like something worth hearing.

The show last year was phenomenal. It seemed odd to be going to hear Frank’s music sans Frank, but there were times in the show where you could really feel his presence. Dweezil does a good job or representing his father’s work and I expect this show to be even better than the last one.

Zappa Plays Zappa – Tour De Frank

One thought on “Zappa Plays Zappa – Tour De Frank

  • November 8, 2007 at 9:41 am

    It should be a killer show. I got some glimpses at some of the footage going into the upcoming DVD and it shows how much work has gone into this. Dweezil has put together a great talented band, (as it should be in order to play Frank’s music). Ray White’s vocals are a throw back to the “Live in New York” days. I personally wish that Terry Bozzio would be with the band for this tour but for one reason or another he is not. The good news is that Joe Travers seems to be very capable in keeping with the drumming parts for such complicated compositions. Can’t wait to see which songs they will play. I’m also looking forward to have that feel of a “Zappa” show. I think Frank would have liked all this.

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