Continued from Inis Mor – Part 1

Having settled on going back and exploring other sites on the island via bicycle I allowed myself a leisurely stroll as I made my way back to the road.

As I was watching the hares scamper about they all broke into a run and dashed down the closest hole they could get to. I couldn’t sort what had happened to cause the sudden panic until I spotted two Border Collies come up from beyond a small hill.

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They eyed me warily and kept a good distance and just trotted off the other side of the pasture and on out of site. The didn’t seem all that interested in me or the rabbits.

I kept on walking toward the road and was stopped by two inquisitive donkeys in a walled enclosure out there in the field.

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I wish I had been carrying something to give them. They were obviously looking for a hand-out.

I finally made it back on to the road and stopped to shoot some pictures of some of the many monuments on the island erected in the memory of a sailor or fisherman who’s body was never recovered.

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These things were everywhere and most dated back a few hundred years.

This was turning out to be a splendid excursion…

…then it began to rain.

To Be Continued

Inis Mór – Part 2
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One thought on “Inis Mór – Part 2

  • July 30, 2007 at 6:54 am

    Love the photos! Funny how the place name rhymes with “Dennis Moore” as in the goofy Monty Python skit and song.

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