Cynthia and the Indigo snake

As I have mentioned before, I have quite the fascination with snakes. I have owned them and I consider myself quite knowledgeable on the subject and even considered pursuing a career in herpetology once upon a time.

Cynthia, on the other hand, has an understandable fear of snakes. She will watch in horror as that Australian nut job “The Crocodile Hunter” pulls the tail of of a Mamba or some other poisonous snake in one of his cable shows.

I recently learned of the Houston Zoo’s Walk on the Wild Side Tour – Texas Snakes event from my friend Wyndi and commented on how cool that might be to attend. Wyndi asked if I would be joining her and her sister as she had made reservations. I kind of dismissed the notion and said I would mention it to Cynthia but I did not expect that she would want to put herself in a position to be around snakes in any capacity.

Imagine my surprise when Cynthia expressed an interest in attending the event.

I went online and made the reservations. The event was this past Saturday and Cynthia had a blast. The transformation from fear to fascination was remarkable. She even held a snake for the first time in her life and didn’t freak out one bit.

I doubt we’re any closer to being able to keep a snake in the house, but Cynthia has come a long way and does not exhibit the same repulsion she did previously and that’s pretty remarkable in my book.

Insert “snakes on a plane” joke here

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