Headed over to the Stag’s Head last Saturday night to see a light version of The El Orbits featuring David Beebe, Jim Henkel and a new young drummer who is just out of high school and doing a musical internship with David. He’s quite remarkable and I suspect he’s destined for great things, musically.

After that Jim and I went across the street and hung out at the 59 Diner eating chicken fried steak and speculating on the nature of the universe. We talked for a quite awhile before heading back over to the Stag’s Head to catch Houston’s only B-52’s cover band, The Aqua Velva.

By this time the bar was pretty full and Jim was pretty tired so we both said our goodbyes and prepared to hit the road.

Snapped a few pics of the band but is is the only one I liked:

This should tide over the David Beebe fans who skim my web site after Google searching him.

Saturday night
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