Last night’s show was the last of three fundraising episodes for this fund drive. We were tasked with raising $1920 per show. To make the goal easier to speak to I just announced it as $2000 as a nice, round number.

During week 1 we raised nearly $2700 which was pretty awesome. Our listeners stepped up in a big way. We were joined by Renee Feltz of the KPFT News Department as the fund raising coordinator during the program. Her energy added greatly to the efforts.

During week 2 we fell short of the goal by about $500 so that was a little disappointing. Still, with the overage the first week we has some cushion and in terms of the overall goal we were right where we needed to be. Renee was out of town and Robb was absent as well. Dr. Simotas was our fundraiser coordinator and she did a good job. It was her first time to work with the Technology Bytes crew so it didn’t gel as well as I would have liked.

Last night we were re-joined by Renee Feltz and Robb Zipp in their usual roles and Dr. Simotas joined us in the studio. It was a winning line-up as we blew through the goal with 30 minutes left in the show. I think having a fully qualified ObGyn in the studio and on the air during a computer technology talk show pushed us over the edge. The final tally for last nights show was just over $2600.

Alexandra Simotas in the control room with phliKtid

Overall, we exceeded our goal and it was a successful fund drive for us.

Another successful fundraiser
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