I know it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but the blogging I do as part of my contract work for The Houston Chonicle over at the Helpline Blog is pretty cool to me.

My great grandfather, Franklin W. Lee, owned the Rush City News of Rush City, Minnesota and my great grandmother took it over after his death. Marilla Upright was the first woman newspaper editor of the country, and made the speech opening the Minn. pavilion at the 1892-3 Worlds Fair in Chicago.

I actually have my great grandfather’s journal that he wrote. It documents the birth of my grandfather and even has his first drawing in it. Kinda like his “blog” so-to-speak.

Anyway, I like what I do at the Chronicle and I like getting to be a part of the online aspects of what is happening there.

Today I got the news that the Chronicle has been recognized for it’s efforts in blogging.

New York University Associate Professor Jay Rosen from Pressthink and his students conducted a study to determine which major U.S. newspapers were best at blogging.

Fifteen undergraduates in journalism, two grad students, and one professor set out to determine–by our lights– the top blogging newspapers in the U.S. among major dailies. We found six standouts, two honorable mentions and some wacky blogs. Number One in our eyes: the Houston Chronicle. By a mile.

Coming in second is the Washington Post.

You can read about the study here.

I don’t fancy myself a newspaper man but I suppose there is some of it in my blood. Franklin Lee is one of my favorite relatives. He was a journalist, poet, playwright, essayist and editor.

I’d like to think that he might be proud of my efforts, or at least see them as something worthwhile. At any rate, it’s good to be acknowledged by one’s peers. And that’s what happened today.

Congrats to Evil Dwight over at chron.com and to all the Houston Chronicle Bloggers!
We’re #1!!!

Kudos! I love kudos!

One thought on “Kudos! I love kudos!

  • March 2, 2006 at 12:41 am

    I like the relative tie-in with this post! I’ll wager Franklin would’ve been very proud!!

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