Sabine Street Bridge


At some point everybody shoots a picture of the downtown Houston skyline from the Sabine Street Bridge. This shot was processed for HDR using 3 separate images I took just as the sun was going down. Each was shot at varying exposures on the 11-18mm ultra-wide angle lens and blended together using Photomatix

Due to the rampant theft of this image I was forced to remove the high res version. If you would like to purchase this photo for use on your Web site, please contact me.

Wrath Of God

Click image to view larger size. Or even better, see a larger version on a black background.

This is my second pass at this image. I was able to clean up the chromatic aberration that was distracting in the original image as well as the HDR version. I have also (I believe) brought out more of the "menace" in the clouds. I was also FAR less aggressive in correcting the angle than I was in the first version allowing the building to have the appearance of bowing or bending in the wind that comes from shooting at a slightly up-angle with a an ultra wide angle lens like the 11-18mm