Who Needs The Kwik-E Mart?

As you may have heard or read about, many 7-11’s around the country have been remodelled to look like The Kwik-E Mart from the animated television show The Simpsons.

As you could probably guess, this is part of a nationwide promotion for the upcoming Simpsons movie.

Sadly, the closest one to home is in Dallas. There is, however, one here in Seattle.

My old friend Rich who I haven’t seen in over 15 years suggested we swing by before our reunion dinner at the Seattle Space Needle.

Ok, I know I am a dork/nerd/geek but I don’t care. I was pretty excited to see this place.

Apu greeted us as we entered

Ok, he doesn’t LOOK like Apu, but I think he DOES sort of look like Hank Azaria who does the voice work for the Apu character. “Apu” was having the time of his life, getting photographed and declaring himself WORLD FAMOUS! Customers were coming in and taking his picture and offering money to buy his uniform. And yes, as we left he said “Thank you, come again!” We died laughing. It was like going to a rock concert featuring a band you love and hearing them play your favorite song as the encore.

The store was stocked to overflowing with many products you would expect to find at the local Kwik-E Mart.


Donuts with sprinkles

Buzz Cola

A Squishee machine!

And sundry items of various humor

I was tempted by many things, but settled on a single Buzz Cola and a Radioactive Man #1

Best – Promo – Ever