MC Frontalot in the house

To make last night even MORE interesting we were being videotaped by a crew from Vaguely Qualified Productions for the documentary film Nerdcore Rising.

Kimmy Gatewood and Negin Farsad

Nerdcore Rising is about MC Frontalot and the evolotion of Nerdcore Hip Hop.

From the web site:

Nerdcore Rising is a documentary that will uncover the new wave of hip-hop called Nerdcore by following the godfather of the genre, MC Frontalot and his geeksta entourage on their first national tour. They will perform everywhere from gaming conventions to D&D tournaments. And, of course, we’ll get to meet nerdcore fans in all of their Magic-playing, pocket protector-wearing, Mensa-bragging, Jolt Cola drinking, internet-gaming glory.

You can see a trailer for the documentary here.

We were even joined in the studio by MC Frontalot himself where we witnessed some pretty awesome nerd core free-styling.

Barrett Canon, MC Frontalot and Dwight Silverman representin', yo!

Barrett Canon and MC Frontalot