Today we picked up the car and headed to Geilo. Today was mostly about positioning ourselves to get to the west of Norway. Tomorrow we had to Bergen for a few days as we gear up for fjord country.

It was only about a 4 hour drive, but getting the car and stopping for a few photos and some supplies stretched this out to around 7 hours in total.


Careful when selecting a beverage. Not reading the label carefully lead to this. Not horrible, but the first sip was a surprise.

Cuccumber Spright?




We took a small deteour to see the Kroderbanen Railroad Museum

Kroderbanen Railroad Museum

Kroderbanen Railroad Museum

We’re safely in Geilo (pronounced “yi-low”) now and plan to have a nice dinner and take it easy before getting up for the next part of the journey. And although there are warning signs, we think we’re pretty safe from moose attacks. Photo by Cynthia, my vigilant co-pilot

Norway – Day 2 – Oslo To Geilo

One thought on “Norway – Day 2 – Oslo To Geilo

  • July 4, 2018 at 6:57 am

    That last image is the visual interpretation of;

    “Beware of the majestic moose”
    “A moose hit my car once…..No, REALLY. I was driving at 50 in the right hand lane and it just walked straight out of the forest and in front of me. Then it was like a big red flash before my eyes…I don’t want to say what happens next, but you get the drift”

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