Bar Central @ La Boqueria

As the weather sites have all been saying for the last few weeks, today is a day of heavy rain. I’d hoped the forecast would change as we got closer to arrival, but it did not.

Freshly Made Fried Baby Octopus

Fortunately, we packed foul weather gear and have been moving about. The first stop today was La Boqueria for some breakfast at The Bar Central Cafe and then to have a look around and take some photos.

Cynthia enjoys her Boqueria breakfast

It is a unique market with fresh produce, meat and seafood. Some of the seafood is so fresh it tries to crawl, slither or otherwise wriggle out of the display.

Tomatoes And One Rasberry



La Boqueria


Roly Poly

Cthulhu For Dinner

You Buy Me, Me Bite You

Barcelona – Day 2

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