The goal for this night was to walk from the hotel down the Strøget to Nyhavn for some night shots and then down to the waterfront to see if the new opera house might be worth taking a photo of.

I loaded up the camera, some lenses as well as the tripod and my remote shutter release and we headed off.

The walk down the Strøget at night was pleasant. Cold but no rain. Musicians on the street and lots of people walking about.

We had spotted an interesting restaurant in our previous excursions that looked promising. Their menu offered Italian and Mexican food of all things. The pasta options had the most appeal to Cynthia and I’m always down from some Italian food. We like eating Italian just about anywhere we go and we like to find one restaurant and, if we like it, go back several times. We find that once the proprietors realize you are not just the typical tourist grabbing a bite and never returning they treat you really well.

This place ended up being delicious and the waiter and some of the other staff even spoke Spanish and were impressed when Cynthia started speaking Spanish. You could see that they were surprised to have American tourists who could speak more than one language. We’ll be going back to eat there again.

We finished eating and proceeded to Nyhavn. I scouted out a spot and proceeded to setup the tripod when I discovered that I was not yet ready to stop being absent minded and forgetful.

Wouldn’t you know it, I forgot the piece that actually lets me mount my camera to the tripod. It had to be detached to fit the tripod into my backpack before we flew over and I plum left it in the hotel room.

Ok, no big deal. It’s early and only a 20 minute walk back to the hotel. We hoof it back, retrieve the part and make our way back to Nyhavn. Only lost an hour in the process, but we’re now starting to wear out a little and the pleasant buzz from the food and the wine is wearing off.

I set up the tripod and take a few photos. They don’t really come out so great.

There’s just not good lighting.

Oh well, off the opera house.

As it turns out, the opera house is not well lit when there’s nothing going on. Drat the luck. I setup anyway and got a reasonable shot.

Hopefully there will be some operas this week and I can go back and get something even better.

By this time we’re pretty beat and head back to the hotel. I stop to grab a couple of shots and call it a night.

Coffee Vendor

Mannequin Prison

Copenhagen Day 2 Part 2

2 thoughts on “Copenhagen Day 2 Part 2

  • December 28, 2009 at 12:56 pm

    I expect the last shot to come to life. Then Christopher Eccleston saves us all.

  • December 28, 2009 at 5:29 pm

    Oh man… Mannequin Prison is an excellent shot and the light in the second shot of Cynthia on the Strøget looks professionally lit! I like the night shots, especially from new and exciting places! Have fun kids!

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