On our way to the grocery store Cynthia and I randomly encountered a buggy drawn by two magnificent Friesian horses just going down the road (Briar Forest) clippity clop. Stupefied and excited we whipped a u-turn, passed them and pulled onto a side street with the idea we would snap some pics as they rode by.

Cynthia got to the street but I was not so quick. She snapped some shots but I was thinking I was going to be too late when all of a sudden they turned onto the side street we were on and came to a stop.

The man at the reigns asked if we would like a ride. Cynthia and looked at each other and said “yes.” As we climbed in the man introduced himself as Chet (I think that’s his name) and his grandson Griffin.

We rode down the street for a bit, but I became concerned about leaving my car on the street so we kept it short.

What a fantastic random encounter. I hope we see them again sometime.

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