While in San Antonio I went with a group of co-workers one evening to eat at Mi Tierra. After a great meal and maybe one too many margaritas we decided to walk back the hotel rather than catch the bus or a cab. The weather was quite nice and it was only a mile or so and it ended up being a great decision. It was on the walk back that I noticed the multi-story mural I posted a picture of previously.

In my research to find out more about that piece I learned it was done completely in mosaic tile by a man named Jesse Trevino, a local San Antonio artist who lost his painting hand in the Vietnam war and had to rehabilitate and re-learn to paint using his left hand.

That lead me to read about the two-story mosaic candle depicting the Virgin of Guadalupe on the side of the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center on Guadalupe street. This was something I decided I had to see and I made the decision to go find it before driving back to Houston.

It is proclaimed to be the largest depiction of the Virgin of Guadalupe outside the Cathedral in Mexico City. It is, in fact, a replica of the Virgin of Guadalupe votive candle.

The detail is impressive!

I’ve taken the time to add a collection of detail shots which you can see by clicking on any of the thumbnail images below.

Jesse Trevino

4 thoughts on “Jesse Trevino

  • April 18, 2008 at 12:11 pm

    Holy SH*T!!! How is this the first time I have ehard of that AMAZING work of art……I am in AWE…..


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  • June 25, 2008 at 6:02 pm

    Did you happen to see jesse’s mosaid on the other side of Mi Tierra? It is smaller, and I believe the title of the piece has something to do with the mercado. I have a print of it that he gave me years agao. It was used on as the inviatation to a dinner at the White House for hispanic Heritage Month. now that I recall, the title is “La Feria”.

  • August 7, 2008 at 9:51 pm

    do you know how I can find more information on Jesse Treviño? I bought a house that he lived in about 20 years ago and have found some interesting pieces in the house. Would love to find him.

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