Cynthia and I decided we’d go to the zoo and renew our memberships and take a walk through since it was such a lovely day. Once we took care of the renewal we headed head straight for the Meerkat exhibit, only to find it choked off with a wacky batch of seniors with an over abundance of very elaborate camera gear…

There were about 6 of them with high powered lenses, tripods and tricked out flash units not to mention backpacks, camera vests and various other sundry gear. It was rather comical, to say the least.

This guy was the most “loaded for bear” of them all…

Despite the camouflage, I am fairly certain the meerkats saw him in the abundant sunlight.

Here’s a few of what I was able to capture using my limited equipment…

click for full size

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Those seem a little sad so here’s a cute photo of the baby Orangutan playing peek-a-boo with a red blanket

click for full size

And here’s a pretty bird from the aviary

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Excursion To The Houston Zoo
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One thought on “Excursion To The Houston Zoo

  • January 16, 2008 at 8:17 am

    snicker* That photography trend among the more elder population is huge down here too. They really get into that stuff.

    Love love love the bird!

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