We ended up cancelling one of our day trips (Valley Of The Fallen and El Escorial) so we had an extra day before heading off on the next leg of our journey tomorrow which is Seville.

The sun was up and it was a glorious day so we opted to take another run at Retiro Park since it was overcast and rainy the last two times.

We stopped off at the local Starbucks and I noticed this sign hanging over the station where you doctor up your coffee with cream and sugar and so forth…

Click for full size

Cynthia and I were rather amused by the warning symbol featuring the purse and the hand…

After getting our coffee we proceeded to the Metro station and rode to Retiro Park. Am I ever glad we went again. The weather was perfect and I was able to re-shoot some things, like the The Fuente de Alcachofa (Artichoke Fountain)

As well as some detail shots…

And, more importantly, The Fountain of the Fallen Angel

I’m particularly fond of this one…

Click for full size

We continued to wander the park and we saw a puppet show called El diablo y El Panadero

And as we were leaving we noticed the oddest tree

Click for full size

We set off in search of a vegetarian restaurant that was recommended to us called La Isla Del Tesoro (Treasure Island). As it turns out, it’s health food restaurant and it’s very nice. Certainly not a tourist trap.

Cynthia enjoyed her meal of pasta and zucchini. I had a veggie burger that tasted more like an oatmeal sandwich. Cynthia asked how it was and I said it was “a delightful blend of textures and flavors, some of which resembled food”.

Regardless, it was filling and Cynthia had a good meal so it worked out.

We headed back to the hotel and we took a 2 hour siesta which I really needed as I am starting to feel a little worn around the edges.

Tomorrow is the high speed Ave train to Seville. Should be a nice change of pace for a few days.

Retiro Park – Do Over
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