We got up this morning and checked out of our hotel in Madrid. Boy, are we going to miss that place! What a wonderful city! At least we get to come back at the end of our trip for a few days.

We caught a cab to the Atocha Station for our 11:00 am high speed AVE train to Seville. Over 500 miles in just under 2 1/2 hours. Not bad.

Seville is a bit warmer than Madrid. Highs in the low 80’s. The streets are narrow and the sidewalks even more so. They say it’s like this to keep the sun from hitting the sides of the buildings. Makes sense. As long as you are in the shade it’s quite pleasant although I would imagine that’s not the case in the middle of the summer when temperatures soar up around 105 to 115 degrees fahrenheit.

The hotel is nice. The wi-fi (pronounced wee-fee in Spain) does not work well in our third floor room so I am in the lobby updating and checking e-mail.

We took a tour of the Alcazar of Seville which was pretty spectacular. The lines to get into the cathedral and the bell tower were too long to deal with so we hope to try again in the morning when crowds are usually much smaller. Plus Sundays are free admission so it could account for the longer lines and will not be a contributing factor come Monday morning.

Pictures later. Now is time to find food!

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