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So I have this Sigma 20mm f/18 lens that I picked up a while back. My thought was that it would allow me to shoot more stage content than the Sony 50mm f1/4

After taking it out and shooting a few shows I was rather disappointed in the quality of shots I was getting so I stashed it away and went back to the trusty 50mm Sony which consistently produces great images in low light.

Not being one to just sit on a few hundred dollars worth of high speed glass I decided to take it out for another run.

The Continental Club was hosting a show commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Monterey Pops Festival and I thought it would be fun to shoot that.

Not as crisp as I like, but I really do like wider angle.

Allen Hill
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Allen Hill as Johnny Rivers

This time out, though, I think I stumbled upon this lens’s secret. By getting in close to the subject I was able to get some sharper shots and, with the wider angle, I was getting a bit more than I could with the 50mm.

Allen Hill
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Allen Hill as Johnny Rivers

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The above shot is of a member of a Moby Grape tribute band called Grape Jam. Who knew there was a Moby Grape tribute band? Go figure!

At any rate, I’m encouraged and will experiment more with the 20mm.

Wide angle, wide open

One thought on “Wide angle, wide open

  • June 14, 2007 at 11:00 am

    what a fun night. great stuff you got there.

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