Cindy Raschke
Cindy “Crash” Raschke

Thomas over at Sig’s Lagoon had asked me about shooting some pictures at an event he was hosting at the shop. It was a Tiki themed art show featuring the works of Cindy Raschke from Austin, TX.

I’m always up for this type of thing so I agreed to come out early and be the designated photographer. Besides, The Flying Fish Sailors were already signed up to perform a short set opening for Clouseaux over at the CC later the same evening so it was no big deal to get down there early.

Cindy Raschke

It also didn’t hurt that there’s a chance my pics could be used in a story about Cindy in Tiki Magazine. Nothing wrong with getting my pictures in print, even if it is an obscure periodical that caters to an eclectic sub-culture.

Cindy’s artwork was really quite good. Her tiki themed pieces were unique and vibrant.



Cindy herself was outgoaing and personable and even came to catch a few songs while my band played over at the Continental.

She did have on rather unusual piece on exhibit. A child-sized mannequin that she had “transformed” into what can only be called a tattooed demon boy.

Demon Boy

Demon Boy

I was actually rather fascinated by the demon boy and briefly entertained the idea of purchasing it. I then fast forwarded the scenario in my brain and, knowing Cynthia, knew that this piece would not be allowed in our house.

As it turns out, the piece was already sold to a tattoo artist in Florida so that put an end to my dilemma.

The turn out was fantastic and many of her pieces were sold. There’s going to be another show in Austin on Thursday, Aug. 2nd at The Gallery (next door to the Austin Continental Club) and I may be the designated photographer for that event as well.

More pictures (including Demon Boy) in my gallery.

Cindy Raschke
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2 thoughts on “Cindy Raschke

  • May 15, 2007 at 12:44 pm

    good thing you didn’t buy “demon boy”….can you imagine what dooley’s response would have been?

    (i’m remembering the owl on tv post…)


  • May 7, 2008 at 9:33 am

    I love Cindy Raschke’s work. It is so beautiful. I fell in love with a painting of the Day of the Dead skulls with roses and thorns that I had my favorite skull tattooed on my foot. I love it!

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