I can totally see that I will be that old man, you know the one sitting on the park bench using his meager funds to purchase a loaf of bread to feed the birds?

Wait a minute. I AM that old man.

Friday morning I had to wait on the exterminator so I found myself sitting on the front porch marvelling at the early morning bird activity. There’s a Red-tail hawk who has taken up residence somewhere nearby. I saw him flying low and into a neighbor’s tree and I almost got a fix on him but it was no go. He took off again and flew directly toward the rising sun so I couldn’t get a shot.

I did however, finally get a shot of the elusive Goldfinch who’s been flitting about the front yard.

They’re erratic in flight and in constant motion so it’s been a struggle. Too bad that by the time this guy dons his mating plumage he’ll have moved on.

There was also major Mockingbird action as 2 males duked it (beaked it?) out on the neighbor’s driveway.

You talkin’ to me? You best not be talkin’ to me!

It was hilarious! They would go from side to side in this comical shuffling manner and then they would just stand there and stare at each other while lifting one foot in the air.

In the backyard I was pleased to find that a sparrow had taken up residence in one of the cheap little birdhouses I installed last year.

Cynthia has named her “Daisey”

We’re worried that the Bougainvillea may not have survived the winter.

Ricky the Cardinal in the Bougainvillea
Click for larger version

It’s still attracting the birds but if it’s dead we’ll need to remove and finds something to replace it with.

Weekend birdtivity
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2 thoughts on “Weekend birdtivity

  • March 5, 2007 at 7:46 am

    The mockingbirds are going crazy here in the Heights too. Around noon, I was sitting in the comfy chair on the front porch with my cuppa java and a crossword puzzle, next to the rose bush that is slowly swallowing the west side of the house and three mockingbirds decided to have an in-air fight while they were all three trying to land on the rose bush. It only lasted about six-eight seconds but it was a very entertaining flurry of acrobatics and winged frenzy.

  • March 5, 2007 at 2:15 pm

    Ha, I love the mockingbird photo. Even sans caption it would still be funny!

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