2 thoughts on “I report, you decide!

  • January 4, 2007 at 4:06 pm

    it’s funny they got you saying “i’m jay lee….yes!” and raising a pointed finger in excitment, as if you’re excited about yourself. what can’t be heard is peter saying “i’m peter hughes” (between the “jay lee” and “yes!”), and there’s no way to know that we’d had some issues hearing peter so your excitement was over the fact that we heard peter on-air this time around. (not that you aren’t excited about yourself, but that’s not what was actually happening in this instance. 😉

    the best part though is when they start off with a close-up of the sign on the sound board and then do a slow zoom out to my hands and forearms. not because it’s me, but because the sign plainly states not to use fcc-prohibited language, then goes on to list the exact words in question (with no obfuscation). it’s plainly legible on the screen! i wonder if fox could get in trouble for that? whatever the case, my hands and forearms are famous! famous, i tell you!

    [yes, i reposted this from the previous entry. i’m like my own agent, trying to make sure my hands and forearms stay in the public eye.]

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