As you can tell from previous writings, when Cynthia decides to prank someone it can be quite an event. Now imagine if you actually antagonized her.

Case in point:

Just about every Sunday, our good friend Jim comes over to the house. Cynthia cooks a nice meal and we watch the Simpsons and have a nice conversation. After that, Cynthia and Jim retire to the dining room to play dominoes. It’s a two out of three competition and the winner is dubbed the “Domino Queen” for the week. The loser is, in essence, the domino peasant.

The last time Jim was here he won the domino game and went home with the title. As of right now, Jim is the reigning “Domino Queen.”

For the last several weeks Jim has been unable to come over due to various band gigs and other commitments. At one point I was talking to Jim and expressing Cynthia’s anxiousness to have a shot and winning back the title. Jim responded as the Domino Monarch and indicated that Cynthia, as the domino peasant, would have to be content with “grubbing for potatoes” for another week.

When I relayed this back to Cynthia she was indignant and then and there decided that she would place a potato curse on Jim.

The first strike was a potato voodoo doll made from a real potato that she delivered to Jim with the curse. The second strike is tonight.

Jim’s coming over for dinner here shortly. Cynthia has prepared the following menu:

Potato chips with potato dip
Potato salad
Potato bread
Mashed potatoes and gravy
Pot roast with potatoes
Veggies with bits of potato mixed in

And for desert?

Home made sweet potato cake.

That’s a lot of “potato grubbin”…It’s going to be a starchy evening.

Beware the wrath of Cynthia

2 thoughts on “Beware the wrath of Cynthia

  • November 12, 2006 at 8:10 pm

    That’s a cursed dinner? I’d be all over that! She may send my potato curse anytime she wishes.

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