The East Texas Herpetological Society were hosting their 16th annual Reptile Show & Educational Exhibit at the Crowne Plaza Resort over off 290 this weekend. Today all the vendors/breeders/misfits gathered to display their snakely and reptilian wares for public gawking and purchase.

We only just heard about the event from our camera salesman when I was picking up my lens on Saturday. Cynthia expressed an interest in going out to see if she could be in a room full of snakes without involuntarily shedding her own skin. I thought it might be a good photo opportunity.

While we were walking around viewing the various exhibits we did see some cool snakes. Cynthia did not freak out and I got this awesome shot of a baby yellow python using a magnifying lens I picked up as an add on for my 50mm.

And this is a picture of a very frisky 6 1/2 foot long Australian Scrub Python that, even though it was out of it’s cage and was being continuously reeled back in by it’s keeper, did not seem to bother Cynthia at all

It was an interesting side trip for a Sunday and we’re both glad we went. We’re also happy to report that we did not actually purchase any snakes…

…but we did gawk.

Snakes in a hotel lobby
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