One of the features I wanted in a new camera was the ability to shoot in black and white (not just converting to B&W in-camera which this one will also do). In the past I have simply desaturated a picture in Photoshop but that just doesn’t compare to capturing the actual image in B&W.

I shot this one of my best friend Jim as we hung out at Onion Creek last night enjoying good conversation and tasty beers:

Here’s Cynthia posing in the garden:

Oh, and isn’t that a lovely blouse Cynthia is wearing? She put that blouse together last weekend. She’s a renaissance woman who can make her own clothing. How awesome is that?
Here’s a color picture:

So yea, I’m going to talk about the camera some more.
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2 thoughts on “So yea, I’m going to talk about the camera some more.

  • September 4, 2006 at 12:18 pm

    When is she going to open a little boutique specializing in one off tops? I’d buy that shirt without blinkning!

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