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Google Complex

THE DALLES, Ore., June 8 “” On the banks of the windswept Columbia River, Google is working on a secret weapon in its quest to dominate the next generation of Internet computing. But it is hard to keep a secret when it is a computing center as big as two football fields, with twin cooling plants protruding four stories into the sky.

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When I mentioned this to Bill Shirley he asked the question; “Does it show up on Google Earth?” and that got me thinking and we all know that can only lead to trouble.

The article above indicates that the location of the complex is in The Dalles, OR.
I brought that up in Google Maps.

The Dalles

If this is correct, the likely location would seem to be east or north/west of the airport.
I tried to zoom in various areas but was greeted with this:

No zoom for you!

The thought plickens!


One thought on “Googleplex

  • June 16, 2006 at 10:22 am

    That’s no airport runway arrangement… it’s the start of a gigantic Star Of David!

    The Global Zionist Conspiracy is behind Google!

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