When the stars align and the moon is just right, spending an evening at Shoeshine Charlie’s Big Top Lounge (that little place 3 doors down from the Continental Club) enjoying the musical stylings of Allen Hill, self proclaimed “King of the Oldies” and his band or renown, The Allen Oldies Band can be a singular magical experience. Last night was one of those nights.

Allen Hill - King of the Oldies

The Big Top is one of the harder venues to photograph. The lighting, while pleasing in some regards to the naked eye, is not camera friendly in the least. I am continuing to experiment with the manual setting of my camera and I am pleased with the results. Even so, it is becoming more apparent that I will need to upgrade at some point if I want to get better results. I have definitely run up against the limitations of this hardware.

More images of “The King”

Give me an A! Give me an L! Give me another L! Give me an E! Give me an N!
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One thought on “Give me an A! Give me an L! Give me another L! Give me an E! Give me an N!

  • June 5, 2006 at 2:32 pm

    It was great meeting you prior to the show, I’m sure you’ll be seeing me around. (I was w/ your co-worker, among other friends). I have to say, I couldn’t agree more with your post, I’ve seen A-L-L-E-N on several occasions of late and have never had a less that fabulous time! I’ll have to see the FFS soon.

    My own thoughts on music, from my blog are:

    There is no greater joy in life than witnessing a person or persons engaged in that which they love, and I would caveat that with deeming said love music. The performances for the love of the song and the joy of playing are the best you will ever see, off-key and off-kilter, or not. (Posting in March)

    Hope to see you around!!

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