Ricky and Lucy have been raising two babies in the yard. They have taken to escorting them in close to the feeders in an attempt to teach them how to feed on their own.

For now Ricky has been flying to the feeder and then to a nearby tree where the infant awaits hungrily. Every now and then the infant attempts to land on the feeder but has not been successful that we have seen.

Of course the whole family is quite skittish and getting a good shot is difficult as I am having to shoot out of the back window and use the highest digital zoom settings on my camera.

Ricky feeds the baby Ricky feeds the baby

We are also seeing some juvenile House Finches and many young sparrows as well.

Yesterday as we were in the yard we noticed a huge Swallowtail butterfly swooping and diving in the yard. Photographic evidence later revealed she was probably laying eggs on our plants.


Bird-tacular II
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