The Art Car Weekend is coming May 12-14, the highlight of which is the Art Car Parade in May 13. We missed it last year due to our European vacation.

Looks like the annual Art Car Ball music line up has been set and it sure does suck. Don’t get me wrong, the bands unto themselves are ok, but they are more suited for a rockabilly/hotrod show than they are to this event (in my opinion). I say bring back the likes of Mojo Nixon or The Red Elvises.

A few years back they had The Paladins which was pretty cool if you have to do the rockabilly thing.

Ah well, there’s so much more to the event than the music anyway, so it’s fine. At least they have a venue suitable for the Thursday night crush of freakish humanity and cars.

My good friend David Jungen tells me he may be bringing my all time favorite art car, the Stereotype One, down from Austin for the festivities.

Stereotype One

Clickity-click me!

Weather permitting, Cynthia and I should be at the parade this year. Not sure about the rest of the events.

A man with a nice car don’t need no justification
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