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The Simpsons, an animated series, has used and coined many neologism for humorous effect. The most famous example is Homer Simpson’s signature annoyed grunt, “D’oh!” which has been listed in the Oxford English Dictionary, in addition to smaller references such as OUP’s single-volume Oxford Dictionary of English (second edition).

Few of the following would qualify as neologisms from a strict lexicological perspective due to their extremely limited use outside of the show. For those that have found their way into regular use, the route passes through the considerable fan-base where use of these words carries the prestige of pop-cultural literacy among those who catch the references, just as among other cultural groups a clever parallel to a well-known phrase from the literary or rhetorical canon would be acknowledged.

The following, then, is presented more as a glossary of references than a list of neologisms. This list, however, is distinguished from other Simpsons-related lists by focusing on invented words and phrases rather than the names of specific characters or locations that are well documented elsewhere.

Many of these are intentional mutations, mispronunciations, amplifications, or portmanteaus of recognizable words that reveal or emphasize aspects of the characters using them. Homer, for example, often mispronounces words, showing his ignorance. Grandpa Simpson and Mr. Burns use obsolete or old-sounding words, which emphasize their age. And Professor Frink and Dr. Nick Riviera invent new scientific-sounding jargon to lend meager credibility to their obvious ineptitude.

Partial list of made up words from the Simpsons, courtesy of Wikipedia (check the article for even more):

1 Assal Horizontology
3 Beginulate
4 BiMonSciFiCon
5 Bloodening
6 Blurst
7 Boneis Eruptus
8 Boo-urns
9 Bort
10 Buh
11 Car Hole
12 Cheese-eating Surrender Monkeys
13 Chester A. Arthritis
14 Chocobots
15 Chocotastic
16 Clouseauesque
17 CompuGlobalHyperMegaNet
18 Craptacular
19 Cromulent
20 Dash Hole
21 Debigulator
22 De Fault
23 Diddly
24 Dickety
25 Donder-Blitzen
26 Dorkus Malorkus
27 Double-Bacon Geniusburger
28 Drunkening
29 Dumbening
30 Embiggen
31 Fit
32 Flupid Bloroplope
33 Flunjers, Capdabblers, Smendlers
34 Frinkahedron
35 Frogurt
36 Führerific
37 Funzo
38 Gamblor
39 Garbagewater
40 Glayvin
41 Groin-Grabbingly Transcendent
42 Hoaxiscope
43 Homersexual
44 Hoyvin-Mavin
45 I, for one, welcome our new (insert word) overlords
46 Interslice
47 Jebeditis
48 Jebus
49 Jerkass
50 Jerkface
51 Klauh Kalesh
52 Knowitallism
53 Kwyjibo
54 Learnding
55 Lupper
56 Malk
57 Malparkage
58 Meh
59 Milpool
60 Mmm, (gummi beers, chocolate, floor pie etc.)
61 Momato
62 Monsterometer
63 Nuclear Panner Plant
64 Nucleon
65 Nucular
66 Ovulicious
67 Panaphonics
68 Poindextrose
69 Possi-bligh
70 Posturologists
71 Pull a Homer
72 Quetzlzacatenango
73 “Radioactivity”
74 Rebigulator
75 Re-Deadening
76 Redorkulated
77 Retirony
78 Sacrilicious
79 Saxomophone
80 Scrabbleship
81 Scientician
82 Scotchtoberfest
83 Screamapillar
84 Shazbot
85 Shinning
86 Shirkaday
87 Skittlebrau
88 Smarch
89 S-M-R-T
90 Snacktacular
92 Sophistimacated Dowhackey
93 Speedholes
94 Spirakeet
96 Steamed Hams
97 Superliminal
98 Supernintendo Chalmers
99 Thrillho
100 Tomacco
101 Tramapoline / Trabopoline
102 Tunk
103 Unblowuppable
104 Unpossible
105 Vegetabletarian
106 Worst (insert word) Ever
107 Woozle Wuzzle
108 Xtapolapocetl
109 Yoink!
110 Yvan Eht Nioj

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Woozle Wuzzle?

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