Saint Isidore’s Feast Day is April 4th

St. Isidore of Seville is my patron saint. He patches my operating system and keeps my device drivers current and up to date. He watches over me and delivers me from the BSOD. He gives me strength to smite sooth my users and optimize my network bandwidth. He protects me from viruses and worms and allows no spyware to tempt me. He is my guardian and keeps my identity from being usurped by those who would phish it. St. Isidore insures my passwords and guards my accounts from hackers. He is the firewall that guards me from the Internet barbarians and the pop-up blocker that shields me from unwanted pr0n. He is the encryption algorithm that guards my data and maintains the integrity of my storage devices. He is my backup and my restore in darker times when I lose my way or my faith is waning. He is the sale at Fry’s and the shepherd of increasingly lower prices on computer hardware. St. Isidore ushers in faster processors, cheaper and better video technology and increasingly smaller portable and removable storage options.

St. Isidore watches over me.

Someone to watch over me

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