Last week we began the remodel of the master bathroom.
And by “we” I mean we hired a contractor to come in and demolish what was there and install the new one.

Here’s some shots of the master bath as it was when we bought the house.

Ugly, pale blue wallpaper with pink butterflies and the linoleum floor have to go as does the form fitting plastic tub/shower and the cheezy washbasin vanity. All gotta go!

I was happy to find no horror behind the shower. I fully expected water damage and/or termites but it looks good. There was an even uglier wallpaper under the layer we had removed. Yuk!

We’re installing a new vanity and a large tub and tiling the floor. Floating and repainting the walls as well.
It’s going to be spectacular.

We also had the kitchen cabinets refinished. It was done in the first week and that part of the house is returning to normal. The bathroom should be complete sometime in the next week and a half. It’s a very disruptive process but it will increase the resale value on the house not to mention the bubble baths.

There’s do-ins a transpirin’ !
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