Last night’s show was odd.

The magnitude and scope of the aftermath of Katrina seeped into the program last night.
Calls ranged from those wanting to talk about the toxic sludge that will be pumped into Lake Pontchartrain and the Mississippi River and the environmental impact to questions about data recovery services.

The mood seemed somber and very low key in the beginning. Still, we managed to flesh it out with the humor and lightheartedness that is the trademark of what we do for two hours every Wednesday night.

In some small way I like to think we were part of the recovery process last night. Life returning to normalcy…a chance to reflect but also to just “be” again without the awfulness slapping you in the face in a constant barrage or images and sound bytes culled from the cesspool of disaster that is Hurrican Katrina’s legacy.

I have to remind myself to turn off the news and watch/listen to/read something else lest I be beaten down with the enormity of this event.

So yea, last nights show was odd, but in a good way.

Leaving the station Dwight Silverman commented on the silhouettes of the show’s crew on the front porch of the radio station. It was rather eerie and captured a certain mood so I clicked this shot:

The crew; Dwight, David, Phliktid and Barrett

The Technology Bytes Crew
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