simpatico,-a adjetivo
1 (agradable) pleasant, nice, likeable: tu amigo me cayó simpatico, I really liked your friend
2 (divertido) amusing

Last night was exceptional.

Cynthia and I received an invitation to attend a wine tasting party hosted by some friends.
The theme was South American.

The initial reception was located at the Sabine Lofts just outside of downtown and featured Ceviche and sparkling and white wines.

This was followed by a limousine ride to a downtown residence where more wines were served with dinner on the rooftop above the 10th floor. Dinner was beef tenderloin and plantain encrusted snapper that was quite delicious.

Great conversations with wonderful friends old and new.

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One thought on “Simpatico

  • August 6, 2005 at 9:27 am

    Thanks for sharing your Pix of the party, enjoyed them and getting to know you both. bonnie

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