We have returned to space with STS-114 and America is beaming with pride. A few distressing images caught by the launch cameras have us a bit pensive as we await more information about what fell off of
Discovery when she took off Tuesday and if it will have any negative impact on her mission. It seems that we, as a nation, are united in our desire for this mission to be a success.

A while back I was doing some searching on Google and came across this on the www.jsc.nasa.gov site:

Houston Chronicle’s JSC News From Home

This appears to be a PDF file of the Houston Chronicle sent to STS 107 (The Columbia) on Wednesday Jan 29th, 2003. It contains a collection of articles from that day’s publication including my Help Line column. It’s humbling to me to know that they might have read my work as they orbited the earth. I know some bands who have had their CD’s carried into space and I was somewhat envious of that prestigious honor. Of course my pride is overshadowed by the tragedy that befell that mission.

Still, as a self proclaimed “geek” and Houston raised space nerd I treasure all of my experiences with the space program. From my childhood when my dad would give me mission photos of the various Apollo flights to the times he used to take me and my brother to Ellington Field to watch the jet trainers come and go. And of course my fondest memory, the time my parents let me stay up late to watch the moon landing when I was 8 years old.

Like so many others, I am caught up in the excitement of our return to space and I wish for nothing but success for the crew of STS 114 and everyone associated with the mission of Discovery.

God speed!

Space Shuttle connection

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