My show, Technology Bytes, has made a few attempts over the years to bring a woman on board. The balance would be nice. Unfortunately we have not found the right person…yet. As hard as it is to find good talent for the show it is even harder when you eliminate 1/2 of the gender pool.

It’s not like there are no geek-chicks, either. They are more prolific than ever.

Last night may herald our ultimate success. I was at the Continental Club this past weekend and I ran into my old friend Allison Fisher. I’ve known Allison for better than 20 years. She’s been on the peripheral of my social road map on and off over the years. She’s an outstanding guitar player and she hosts Allison Fisher’s Rock-n-Roll Jam every Tuesday night at the club.

She is smart, witty and happens to be a Unix sysadmin. As we were chatting I suggested she come by the station and be on the show. She accepted and showed up last night.

I think it went pretty well. We were down two hosts (Peter and Dwight) and having an extra person could only benefit the program.

Allison is unexpectedly shy but did start to warm up and managed to field two questions during the call in portion of the show.

I think I see a fit here. I invited her back next week and we’ll continue to explore. I like the idea of fleshing out the show with a woman’s perspective. I think it can only lead to good things.

Yin – Yang

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