Two interesting e-mails today…

The first from Howard the trucker who called in last night;

Thanks for the info on last weeks show. American Idol has Simon but tech bytes has Jay. Your suggestions did work so thanks and even more thanks for not biting down too hard on me for being a little off base. You guys are the greatest. I don’t get to listen as much as I would like to as a truck driver I never know what state I will be in doing the times tech bytes are on guess I should show my appreciation during fun drive and Jay, I’m sure a lot of people know you are a big part of tech bytes, and you don’t come off as trying to be better or smarter than we less than knowledgeable when it comes to information technology, thanks again Jay and keep up the good work

I like that one for two reasons…

1. He took time to let us know we did right by him. It’s always nice to know.
2. Compared me to Simon of American Idol. I am the loveable asshole. Nice!

The other email I got is interesting because I get asked this question ALOT;

While I’m reviewing my e-mails, I hear a squeeky door open and then close. This use to happen occasionally, but today it kept doing it, over and over. What is this and how do I stop?

In case you don’t know either, it’s the sound of contacts coming and going in AOL Instant Messenger.

I forget how mystifying this whole computer thing can be for people. Thank goodness I’m here to help.

I love what I do

One thought on “I love what I do

  • April 1, 2005 at 4:59 pm

    My favorite part was “fun drive”, makes it sound so much more pleasant than the reality. Yes, it’s a FUN drive not a FUND drive, we’re having FUN dammit!

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